Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Slice of the Outdoors

It has only been three days since I started this writing challenge and I've already learned my first lesson...although it's not a writing lesson.  This challenge is titled "Slice of Life."  "Slice" suggests a small portion; 1/8 of a pizza or an orange, 1/24 of a loaf of bread.  My "slice of life" today encompassed 2 hours of my day, 1/12. But if I were to measure it in value instead of by size, it would be far greater than 1/12.  These slices, the moments that stand out in my day are what fill the largest part of my heart.  How clever, to title this challenge "Slice of Life," suggesting that we only need to collect a tiny little snippet to write about, it doesn't need to be "much."  So much less intimidating. But really, aren't the things that linger in our thoughts at the end of a full day much bigger than slices? 

We experienced a warm spell today, a whopping 38 degrees.  My kids and I set out to walk a community trail not far from home.  We spent 2 hours walking almost 2 miles, enjoying the "ordinary" sights through the eyes of my 7-year-old daughter.  She wanted to "test the ice" whenever we came up on a stream or puddle.  Overly cautious me suggested we keep moving, the ice looked wet and fragile. She would likely end up with wet, cold feet.  
7-year-olds sure can be persistent.   She sat down next to each icy patch and kicked her feet in an effort to break the ice.  "I'm being safe mama." It held firm.  She was delighted.  
We searched for sticks that would make good "Harry Potter wands." We looked for animal tracks and signs of fairies.  The best part?  My 13-year-old son played along.  It's not always easy to find activities appropriate for a 7-year-old sister and engaging for a 13-year-old brother.  That's part of the magic of nature.  It's rated E for Everyone.  

 We liked how the red autumn leaf showed through the ice, a season frozen in time. 

The green promise of spring.  

 With sights like this, how can one not believe in fairies?

My sweet girl skipping ahead.

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