Monday, March 14, 2016

Reflections on this Writing Challenge

I've shared my writing every day for 10 days now.  This is post #11 for the Slice of Life Writing Challenge.  I can't say that my writing has improved.  I can say that my writing life has evolved.  I look at things differently, see things differently, and find myself mentally rehearsing how I would write about something I observe or experience.  It has been unintentional growth. Instead, a product of writing every day.  I know that at some point in my day, I will jot my thoughts or relive a moment, a slice of my life.  I am now trying to figure out how to facilitate this growth for my students.  I can't make them want it.

I have learned that in order to really write, I have to put myself out there.  This is something I struggle with, mostly because of the platform on which I am sharing my writing.  I am very aware that my audience consists of people I do not know personally and the people who are part of my stories deserve the respect of my reservation in sharing.  This writing challenge has allowed me to reflect on what is appropriate to share on the internet and what is not.

I have also learned that the comments posted by my audience are surprisingly rewarding.  To know that someone has connected to something I've written is reassuring and replenishes my motivation to write.  Comments from readers make my audience known and makes the internet venue more intimate, and less intimidating.

I am grateful for this challenge, and that it feels less challenging as the days pass.  I can see myself continuing to write, but I can also see myself saying, "I just don't have time to write today." and then letting day after day pass until it has been weeks since my last entry and my writing motivation goes cold.  I wonder if, after another 10 days of writing everyday, the likelihood of that happening will become less. My hope is that this window of opportunity will open a door to a community of writers with whom I can share my writing life and be a part of theirs so that writing can continue to be more than a slice of my life.


  1. I love hearing your evolving as a writer. It seems that's what we do, and it does get easier as we look for opportunities, at least I feel like that. I'm hoping to have the motivation to keep writing - so we shall see... Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! Great slice

  2. So glad you are here and writing! I agree that the daily practice of writing makes you see the world differently and catch moments that you might not otherwise have noticed. For me, it is the community of readers that makes all the difference. Writing in my notebook is just not as motivating as publishing a post and then hearing how it has resonated with others (or not....sometimes!) It is important to keep in mind the public forum here and some stories are not meant to be shared in this community, but many stories can be told here. Looking forward to more of your Slices as the challenge goes on...

  3. Interesting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about writing. I can say that I am enjoying the challenge, and realize how important it is to give myself time to write everyday. I do this for my students, but not as often for myself. I find myself thinking that this or that might be a good idea for my slice of life. I find myself jotting quick notes too.

  4. It is a great experience, isn't it. Like anything, it needs to be practiced. I don't think I want to write a slice of life every day for year. Every day in March and Tuesdays the rest of the year seem doable. I highly encourage you to keep at it and join the Tuesday Slicers.

  5. I want to write with you....I remember a few summers ago.....fondly.