Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Forest and the Trees

There are times when the day-in-day-out routine, working in my classroom, teaching my students, causes me to narrow my vision of education. I become focused on the here and now, what am I teaching right now, are my students learning, what do I need to do to lift their learning and better meet their needs.  It's almost like tunnel vision and it causes me to feel very small in the difference I make and the role I play in the lives of my two handfuls of students.

And then I step out of my classroom and engage in conversations with other teachers, my colleagues, teachers in other schools, in other districts, and my view widens, my vision sharpens.  I can once again see the forest and the trees.  My bucket is topped off.  I am rejuvenated, refreshed, and so eager to move closer to that vision.

Never underestimate the power of conversation and collaboration, of stepping out of your classroom so that you are replenished when you step back in.


  1. I remember that collaboration. It is definitely a chance to recharge and refocus. If only, it happened more often for teachers.

  2. Such great insight. I agree. We can all get stuck in the daily details and need some collaboration to revive and refresh our point of view.

  3. These connections are something that I cherish as well. So good that your battery was recharged.