Wednesday, March 23, 2016

One More Thing

The end of my day usually consists of reviewing student work, lesson planning, meetings, spending time with the kids, managing their activities, getting dinner in there somewhere...and now, for the past few weeks, typing up my daily blog entry for this challenge.

As the evening draws to a close, my husband always asks, "What do you have left to do?"  My answer is usually, "Gotta do my blog entry."  He has always called me "Miss One More Thing" because I'm the one that switches over the laundry, checks to make sure all the lights are off, and loads the dishwasher after I tell him I'm ready to go.  To him I'm sure this writing challenge is "one more thing." But he has been supportive and encouraging, not once commenting that I could just skip one night to spend this time with him instead.  He waits patiently for his turn, when the kids are settled in bed and all my other work is done, and I've typed up my blog entry for the day.  This kind of support is appreciated more than I could ever adequately express.

I know the profession I have chosen demands a lot of my time.  I miss my own children's open house or field days to attend those for the school at which I teach.  I miss the occasional cross-country meet to have parent-teacher conferences with my students' parents.  My school work bleeds into my home life all the time.  And he remains supportive. He encourages me to be my best self and knows that to do that, I have to give 110%.  He makes it so I have that extra 10% to give.

So, my blog entry for today is done.  My school work is done.  It's his turn now.


  1. I have to agree. I think we all have that person who is helping us through the challenge. I loved this line: "He makes it so I have that extra 10% to give." While it's hard to articulate how grateful we are for these special people, you've done it well here.


  2. It is so wonderful to have a husband or partner to be supportive. I like how you say "he waits patiently" because that is so important. I feel so lucky to have my husband's support. He says I am always helping him...but I feel it is the other way. Loved your last sentence.

  3. They do sacrifice so much for our profession. We are the lucky ones!

  4. Such an important slice, to recognize those who make this possible! My poor, sweet husband is so patient through March too (not to mention all the other demands of teaching, as your last paragraph shows)!!!

  5. Aww....what a good guy you have there. Of course he knows how lucky he is as well. I am so happy you are sticking with this. It is not easy after a long day. Now you have two voices: writing and singing.