Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Tapestry of Stories

The highlight today, the "slice" I will cherish, occurred this evening.  My parents stopped by to join us in celebrating my husband's birthday.  The conversation was a sweet as the cake from which my husband blew out his candles.  We shared stories, memories, from childhood.  The best part was hearing the same stories from different perspectives.  What it was like for my brother and I to surf down the stairs on a twin size mattress (so fun!), leaving blue streaks on the newly wallpapered walls (so frustrating!) The time I stepped out of a stream to find a leech on my ankle (terrifying!) and mom trying to get me to stop trying to shake it off so she could remove it (hilarious!) Mom and dad coming home to find my brother and I drying the furniture with hair dryers after the water fight that occurred in their absence (We're going to get in so much trouble!/What in the world are you two doing?) My step-daughters shared stories. My parents shared stories. My husband shared stories.  I shared stories.  The common threads of these memories wove together. Six ropes spliced together. United.

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  1. I like the way you weave in the different perspectives. Stories are the best.